John Gentry and Judias Buenoano. Source: YouTube screenshot

Judy Buenoano 10

Fatal marriage: 9 years

Judy Buenoano poisoned her husband James Goodyear, drowned son, and tried to poison boyfriend for insurance money.

But Judy did not know how to make a bomb…

The Black Widow

Angelina Rodriguez

Angelina + Frank Rodriguez 3

Fatal marriage: 5 months

Angelina Rodriguez is a serial killer, with a shocking story of murder and deception.

She loved insurance payments more than her daughter and husband.

Mother, Wife, Murderer

Clay and Chanin Starbuck

Clay + Chanin Starbuck 202

Fatal Marriage: 14 years

Clay Starbuck and Chanin Conway had two tumultuous marriages, before her mysterious death.

Discover shocking secrets that led to the murder of Chanin Starbuck.

Who Killed Chanin Starbuck?

Drew Peterson and Kathleen Savio

Kathleen + Drew Peterson 7

Fatal marriage: 11 years

Did Drew Peterson murder Kathleen Savio and Stacy Cales?

Kathleen drowned in bathtub. Stacy vanished.

Get the latest updates and unravel the mysteries surrounding these infamous cases.

What Happened to Kathleen and Stacy?

Scott Peterson

Laci + Scott Peterson 14

Fatal marriage: 5 years

Did Scott Peterson murder Laci Peterson?

Will new evidence reveal who abducted and killed Laci?

Get ready to learn the facts.

Who Killed Laci Peterson?

Shari Tobyne and Dwight Tobyne

Dwight + Shari Tobyne 2

Fatal marriage: 35 years

Dwight Tobyne divorced Shari Tobyne after she stole money from their business.

Dwight said he was going to live with his brother Bryce Tobyne. But he never arrived.

What Happened to Dwight?