Clay and Chanin Starbuck

Clay Starbuck 199

Fatal Marriage: 14 years

Did Clay Starbuck murder wife Chanin Starbuck?

Chanin Starbuck had many lovers. Police ignored unknown DNA. Is Clay Starbuck innocent?

Who Killed Chanin Starbuck?

Scott Peterson

Scott Peterson 10

Fatal marriage: 5 years

Did Scott Peterson murder Laci Peterson? No evidence. Police ignored suspects.

Witnesses did not testify. Juror lied. Is Peterson innocent?

Who Murdered Laci Peterson?

Drew Peterson and Stacy Peterson

Drew Peterson 3

Fatal marriage: 10 years

It is dangerous to divorce Drew Peterson. Kathleen Savio drowned. Stacy Cales vanished.

But no physical evidence or witnesses. Is Drew Peterson innocent?

What Happened to Drew’s Wives?

Shari Tobyne and Dwight Tobyne

Shari Tobyne 2

Fatal marriage: 35 years

Dwight Tobyne ended 35 year marriage, after wife Shari Tobyne stole money from their business.

Shari was broke after divorce. She needed money fast.

What Did Shari Do?

Angelina Rodriguez

Angelina Rodriguez 3

Fatal marriage: 5 months

Angelina Rodriguez could not get life insurance payment for husband Frank, until autopsy listed a cause of death.

How did Frank die? Angelina solved the mystery.

What Happened to Frank?

John Gentry and Judias Buenoano. Source: YouTube screenshot

Judy Buenoano 5

Fatal marriage: 9 years

Judy Buenoano poisoned a son, husband, boyfriend for life insurance payoffs. But her next boyfriend stopped taking her poison.

So Judy allegedly hired her son to build a bomb, and put it in boyfriend’s car…

What else did Judy do?