John Gentry and Judias Buenoano. Source: Death Row Stories

Judy Buenoano 3

Fatal marriage: 9 years

Judy Buenoano, formerly Judy Goodyear, poisoned a husband, boyfriend and son with arsenic.

Judy was arrested for blowing up her boyfriend’s car. She should have stuck to poison…

What Happened to Judy?

Scott Peterson

Scott Peterson 6

Fatal marriage: 5 years

Pregnant wife Laci Peterson vanished on Christmas Eve. Body found months later. Jury found Scott Peterson guilty of her murder, but little evidence.

Scott Peterson wants a new trial. Is he innocent?

What Happened to Laci?

Drew Peterson and Stacy Peterson

Drew Peterson 2

Fatal marriage: 4 years

Drew Peterson’s third wife, Kathleen Savio drowned in a bathtub. His fourth wife, Stacy Cales disappeared.

Did Drew Peterson kill them? No evidence or witnesses. Is he innocent?

What Happened to Drew’s Wives?

Clay and Chanin Starbuck

Clay Starbuck 152

Fatal Marriage: 14 years

Clay Starbuck had no criminal record, but he was the main suspect after the murder of his wife Chanin Starbuck.

Jurors found Clay guilty of Chanin’s murder, despite unknown fingerprints and DNA. Chanin had many boyfriends. I think Clay Starbuck is innocent…

What Happened to Chanin?

Shari Tobyne and Dwight Tobyne

Shari Tobyne 1

Fatal marriage: 35 years

Dwight Tobyne divorced wife Shari, after she stole money from their business.

Dwight started packing, to move in with his brother Bryce. But he did not move fast enough…

What Happened to Dwight?

Angelina Rodriguez

Angelina Rodriguez 1

Fatal marriage: 5 months

Angelina Rodriguez could not get life insurance paid for husband Frank, until autopsy listed a cause of death.

How did Frank die? Angelina solved the mystery.

What Happened to Frank?