Clay Starbuck Did Not Murder Chanin

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Thank you Kathy Starbuck Nasholm for sending corrections.

Ask Clay Starbuck

Clay Starbuck answered questions from readers. But his responses pose more questions…

I highlighted Ms. Nasholm’s updates and Mr. Starbuck’s answers. Mitchell D. Miller

Chanin and Clay Starbuck. Source: Facebook
Chanin and Clay Starbuck. (Facebook)

Clay Starbuck married Chanin Conway in 1990. Clay and Chanin lived in Deer Park, Washington. They divorced in 2000, remarried in 2006, finally divorced again in July, 2011.

Clay earned about $10,000 a month, working for Alyeska Pipeline Service Company in Alaska. Clay’s Dad worked there as a security officer from 1977 until his retirement in 2000.

Chanin did not work. She was a full-time Mom to five children. Although Chanin held a Associate’s Degree in Art Therapy from Seminole State College, she wanted to work as a dental assistant. Chanin had recently graduated from Dental Assistant’s School in Spokane, Washington.

Unfortunately, someone strangled Chanin on December 1, 2011. It was brutal. The murderer shot Chanin with a stun gun before binding her wrists and breaking 11 ribs broke 11 ribs.

Chanin was not shot with a stun gun, and wrists were not bound. There is no evidence of this and is not what the autopsy reported, only what Prosecution embellished.

Kathy Starbuck Nasholm

The murderer posed Chanin’s body with a dildo, to make it look like a sex crime.

The dildo did not contain Clay Starbuck’s fingerprints. An unknown male’s semen was in Chanin.
1) The murderer posed Chanin’s body with a dildo and massager.
2) The only fingerprint lifted from any items of evidence, was that of the massager, which did not belong to Clay.
Kathy Starbuck Nasholm

Someone used Chanin’s phone to call 911. The operator said, “a short high pitched guttural sound of a female followed by rustling noise consistent with a struggle, and then the phone was disconnected.”

The operator called back, but the call went to voicemail. Unfortunately, the 911 operator violated procedure by not reporting the call to investigators.

Clay Duane Starbuck did not have a criminal record. Nevertheless, he was the only suspect. Police charged Clay with Chanin’s murder.


Starbuck Family (Facebook)
Starbuck Family (Facebook)

Clay fell behind on his child support payments after a back injury and surgery in 2010. Despite his injury, Chanin inexplicably asked a judge to send Clay to jail, because he owed her child support.

He paid Chanin about $4,700 a month for child support. Clay owed Chanin $9,166 of back child support when she was murdered.

Chanin was mean! Her request was denied.

1) Chanin was receiving child support through garnished wages. At the Oct 28, 2011 divorce hearing the Commissioner told Clay to stop paying Chanin’s bills outside of DSHS as the Commissioner could not give him credit for much of it. The financials were not right so the Commissioner said she wanted a Cr60 (would be a Cr60 (b)) to come across her desk, which gave them a period of time to work it out.
2) What Clay learned well after trial, is that Chanin and her attorney used May 2008 pay advices for the July 2011 divorce, which skewed the financials. Once the financials were worked out, Chanin would keep receiving payments through garnished wages as is normal.
3) Any amount causing arrears was due to their calculated screwing with figures. Not because Clay wasn’t paying or wasn’t giving his fair share. Clay doesn’t control the garnishment, the State does. It isn’t rocket science and the attorneys on both sides know that.
4) Prosecution was good at taking one-liners out of context and twisting it. When mail was sent to Chanin’s residence address (as in the case of the Expedition loan), she wasn’t making the car payment, wasn’t giving Clay the notices to pay or repossession was looming, until 3 days before $15k was due.

He said good job giving me 3 days notice on $15k you know it takes more than 3 days to get that kind of money transferred.

5) Prosecution did not portray the truth. How is, “We will need to talk about how to recover”, a bad thing?
Kathy Starbuck Nasholm

Chanin also filed an Order of Protection against Clay, to prevent him from visiting her. This did not make sense either, because Clay usually picked up his children at Chanin’s house to drive them to school, when he was in Deer Park.

Clay, like many divorced fathers, sent angry texts to his ex-wife about finances and a desire to spend more time with his children.

Prosecution cited general divorce arguments, that every divorced parent experiences, as reasons for Clay to murder Chanin.

Chanin Starbuck’s Boyfriends

Chanin Starbuck (Bonnie’s Blog of Crime) Clay Starbuck claimed Chanin met men online, and slept with them. Police found evidence of Chanin’s relationships on her laptop computer.

Chanin’s sons told a newspaper that she started online dating 14 years before her murder.

She would leave early in the morning, two in the morning, come back five, six and my neighbor was worried about the safety of my three younger siblings.

Blake Starbuck

One of Chanin’s lovers was John Kenlein, a married high school teacher. Kenlein visited Chanin on the day she was murdered.

1) The kids claimed that their mother had a habit of seeing other men, and she did. It is easy to portray an ex-husband as a monster. Smack-talk hearsay was enough to set Clay up and not look any further.
2) Detectives told Clay to confess or they would keep his kids from him, which they did.
3) Chanin lied to her family, her church and her friends, saying horrible things about Clay in order to divert attention from her secret lifestyle and put a volatile attention on Clay.
Kathy Starbuck Nasholm

DNA on Chanin’s phone and a vaginal swab matched an unknown male.

Despite the evidence, a jury convicted Clay Starbuck of Chanin’s murder.

Superior Court Judge Greg Sypolt sentenced Clay Starbuck to life in prison, on July 18, 2013. He is prisoner 366799 at Clallam Bay Corrections Center, in Clallum Bay, Washington.

I didn’t want Clay to be guilty because of those kids.

I went into this trial with an open mind, I tried being objective.

The majority of the jury thought he was guilty from the beginning of deliberations.

Juror #7
1) It was stated that the majority of the jury thought Clay was guilty from the beginning of deliberations.

When you have a Lead Detective a few feet from you saying, “We got our man, it’s a match, it’s a match, it’s a match”, I would expect they would think he was guilty right away.

But it isn’t a match any more than you are.

2) Without a match of at least 16 loci, the forensics supervisor could not say it was a match and did not say it was a match.
Kathy Starbuck Nasholm

Incredibly, the judge considered evidence of Chanin’s risky lifestyle prejudicial, and excluded it from the trial.

Starbuck’s attorneys complained about the excluded evidence during Clay’s appeal. However, the State of Washington ruled:

Whether or not the victim was dating multiple other men simply did not inform the jury about the identity of her killer.
1) It shouldn’t be Clay’s job to identify the killer. He would have no way of knowing that. It is the job of Major Crimes Detectives to investigate.
2) Chanin dating multiple men, and the sheer numbers of men she was communicating with in the month of November alone, should simply inform the jury that the idea that Clay was the one and only suspect is preposterous. But the jury was lied to even to the communication of December 1st, as Prosecution only told the jurors what they wanted them to know.
3) They were not told of the text message Walker sent to Chanin on December 1st, because Prosecution kept it off the list of communications they selectively shared with the jurors. Nor did they tell the jurors how many men Chanin had been in communication with even the week prior, as that would have destroyed the goods they sold to the jurors.
4) Prosecution stated that police only identified at least 3 potential friends or boyfriends (really?!) of Chanin. Then defense determined contact with several other men across the country.
5) So Prosecution suppressed other suspect evidence with pre-trial motions. There were closer to 2 dozen in the month of November alone that Chanin communicated with or met in person.

Reminder…there were 3 unidentified male DNA of the very few items tested.

Kathy Starbuck Nasholm

This is similar to the cases of Drew Peterson and Scott Peterson.

There were no fingerprints at the murder scene. It did not matter, because there was only one suspect.

Police discovered Chanin’s death certificate hanging on a wall, during a search of Starbuck’s house. Clay said he put it there, so he would not lose it.

1) Police did not discover Chanin’s death certificate hanging on a wall.

Detective Drapeau knocked it off of a shelf and picked it up and pinned it to the wall to take a picture of it (as he testified to at trial), but SCSO reported to media that Clay had her death certificate as a trophy on the wall.

2) SCSO lied to the media so why would the jury not believe the authorities? The truth was not stated until 18 months later at trial, but most wouldn’t know that.
Kathy Starbuck Nasholm

Clay cooperated with the police investigation and testified during his trial.

Divided Families

Chanin’s family believes Clay murdered Chanin. Clay’s children think he is innocent.

Clay and the kids were disgusted with Chanin’s choices and behavior. She was putting the kids in danger, herself in danger, destroyed their marriage again, and lied to everyone who knew her.

Chanin absolutely snowed her own family, church friends and acquaintances.

Kathy Starbuck Nasholm

Clay Starbuck was sentenced to life in prison without the possiblity of parole.

I’ll be thrilled at the day my Dad does get a fair trial and the real killer is found.

Blake Starbuck

Did Clay Starbuck Kill Chanin Starbuck?

Chanin Starbuck (Facebook) Clay Starbuck was barred from having contact with his three minor children.

Nevertheless, Clay Starbuck’s children believe he is innocent. Visit Starbuck Family: Free Clay for additional information about the case and excluded evidence.

Where are the men who left DNA on Chanin’s phone?

That right there to me should have been a big enough flag that either multiple people were involved or it was someone other than me.

Clay Starbuck

Former Boyfriends

Suzanne Lee Elliott represented Clay Starbuck for his appeal. Elliott describes herself as “one of the most experienced appellate lawyers in Washington State.”

Ms. Elliott attempted to introduce evidence that police ignored other suspects before arresting Clay Starbuck.

Sadly, Appellate Court decided:

Mr. Starbuck contends that he should have been permitted to put on evidence of Ms. Starbuck’s sexual relationships with other men and the sexually explicit text messages sent by Mr. Walker. The trial court concluded that such evidence did not “provide the clear connection” between the “alternative named suspects and the homicide.”

Why Was Clay Starbuck the Only Suspect?

Chanin pursued sexual relationships online for 14 years.

Who were her lovers? Did any of Chanin’s former lovers want to murder her? Surprisingly, the Court of Appeals of Washington decided:

Clay Starbuck was the one person who had repeatedly expressed his anger about her lifestyle. That anger was not shared by the men who currently were dating her.

Court of Appeals of Washington, Division 3
1) The two men Prosecution used as witnesses for the State were Walker and Kenlein, who both said they were not dating Chanin, that their relationship was sexual in nature.
2) You state that anger was not shared by the men who currently were dating her.

Even though they stated they were not dating Chanin and that it was a sexual relationship, Prosecution kept using the word dating. Chanin didn’t date, says her closest church friends.

3) Deputy Dutton delayed welfare check because he knew Chanin left all hours of the day and night with different guys, which is reported but not testified to from the witness stand. They shut all of that down with pre-trial motions.
4) Maybe if detectives would have correctly spelled and accurately represented vital information requested by subpoena, there would be factual and complete information as to all those Chanin was in contact with days and weeks prior. That would be a valid and appropriate investigation.
Kathy Starbuck Nasholm

Innocence Projects

Clay Starbuck deserves a new trial. His five children deserve their Dad. I think Clay is innocent. An “innocence project” might help him.

The Innocence Project

Barry Scheck and Peter Neufield started The Innocence Project in 1992, to exonerate convicts through DNA evidence. They might be interested in helping Mr. Starbuck, considering all the unidentified DNA found in this case. See how to submit a case to The Innocence Project for additional information.

Innocence Project Northwest

The Innocence Project Northwest help innocent convicts in Washington regain their freedom. University of Washington Law School students help process cases, and contact lobbyists. Students helped pass a law that requires DNA evidence to be saved.

See how to request free legal assistance from IPNW, for additional information.

Questions and Answers by Clay Starbuck

Kathy Starbuck Nasholm asked her brother to respond to questions from readers.

Answers for Angie

1 Did Clay loan Chanin a hand gun just a few weeks prior to the murder? If yes, why?

Yes. Chanin was not feeling safe due to unusual activities occurring around her home. A wooden stump was positioned outside and under her bedroom window, her BBQ grill was relocated on her back porch/deck. She was also entertaining a vast amount of different men, several that she did not know their true names and backgrounds and she wanted additional safety precautions/options.

She also had an impact flashlight, 3 Kimber 2-shot mace devices and an ASP.

Chanin had been shooting firearms since 1989. Both rifles and pistols. She was given a Sig Sauer P226. Reliable, DA first shot, De-cocking mechanism to make safe. After her death, our family had to remove hers and our families items to terminate the lease. The pistol was located in the northwest closet in the master bedroom, upright between two stacks of clean bed sheets. This pistol is also a source of male Starbuck partial touch DNA.

2 If Clay was working on his car, it’s impossible that there is not one single witness to account for it on 12/1. So what gives?

To be clear, December 1, 2011 was a cold morning with heavy frost on vehicles parked outside of garages. My Suburban was in the driveway. My son’s car was in the unheated garage. The Suburban was started, we (I) kept a room temperature gallon of water by the front door to assist window clearing before vehicles left to school / work / etc.

The Suburban windows frosted right back over as the water ran off, so I put it in the street electing to take Blake’s car because those windows would be clear of frost.

Car Problems

Enroute to kids house, his car stumbled and stalled a few times. When it finally stopped, I pulled over to the side of the street, sending a text to children and Chanin to ensure she received a message that she would need to take the 3 youngest children to school.

I then raised the hood and there was frost around the carburetor. I closed the hood, locked the car and walked home via the walk path between the Golf Course and houses. So the hood would have only been open for a minute +/-. Otherwise, pulled over and parked correctly.

Broken down car

It would not have looked like a broken down car. Detectives asked local residents if they saw a broken down car? What is that supposed to look like? Nice question.

There were at least 19 residences that detectives did not document talking to anyone. They reported that as 13 and they never returned to follow-up. One witness said he saw the car. A female jogger said she saw an unusual vehicle, but no further questions were asked because it did not fit their narrative.

Additional Trips

Second trip to the car, hood up maybe 5+ minutes, tried some carburetor adjustments to no avail. Returned home.

Third trip to car, I took two red bottles of HEAT and a few more hand tools. After unlocking the vehicle, I started to put the HEAT contents in the gas tank. When I removed the gas cap, there was a big release of a vacuum. This told me that that the cap vent was plugged or it was the wrong cap either way, the car fuel system was vapor locked. Unable to get the proper fuel flow and pressure to the carburetor.

I added the HEAT, placed the fuel cap on 1/4 turn, raised hood to return air/fuel mixture screws where they were, started the car, closed the hood, and drove it home.

That evening I explained this issue to Blake and Austin to ensure that whomever refueled this vehicle in the future needs to not tighten the gas cap until we get the correct one or verify the vent is clear.


The Detectives lied about this conversation. Their report first stated…they found a camera on a house that would have had to be the way I walked to and from home to the vehicle. They were not aware of the golf course route, so they changed their narrative to match the security camera lie.

3 Why would Clay, a dad with a slew of kids and a broken down car, shut his phone off from 8:30a-4p-ish on the 12/1 in question?

It was not a matter of turning the phone off, it was a function of it turning off due to a low battery. December 1, 2011 was no different than any other day for me except for having to walk back home due to Blake’s vehicle stopping.


I did not have a DP physical therapy appointment until Friday morning. Chanin was scheduled to pick the kids up from school that day and I had a free day like many other days of the week.

As it was, I was lucky Blake’s phone and my phone used the same style charger, otherwise I would have had to walk to Chanin’s to tell her in person. The Starbuck kids would then have been late for school.

Charging Phone

When the Car was acting up, I had to plug it in to his car charger in order to send those texts to the kids and Chanin. Once I received confirmation they received the msg’s, I could remove the phone at which time it simply turned off.


So, your question stated 830a to 4p, but the timeframe was closer to 8:13’ish to 3:35’ish which would have been when I turned the ignition key to the off position and the phone died within a couple of minutes, then at the end of the day while driving his car back to the house I had to plug back into the charger to use the phone. That is how I ended up in front of our house talking with Austin after retrieving my missed msg’s for the day.

( so why didn’t I charge it when I returned home? )

Because the charger was not where it normally was and I did not go looking for it. Wednesday, Nov. 30, 2011, I had M/L/S at my home until into the evening.

My phone was used by everyone. Sutton mostly. Sutton would go get the charger and where ever she decided to park and play, then that would be the outlet she would leave the charger plugged into. So, behind the couch, t.v., side room, other bedrooms.

The other issue was that my phone was acting up during texting and it would randomly type a string of characters that like a cat was pawing it. This forced me to get a new phone around Dec. 15th. Its troubles were documented with Verizon and my text messages.

* Blake had late start as a Senior. His start time was approximately 9:25a.

Sometime after I returned home and went back to bed, Blake came in to my room to inquire as to where his car was and pick up some money for lunch.

I told him it broke down and for him to take the Suburban. I had nothing planned for the day and did not need a vehicle.

During Trial

Blake tried to state this at trial but the Starbuck children were talked to in the hall by prosecutor Steinmetz, Defense – Derek Reid and Detective Ricketts that they could not state anything on the stand positive about me, negative about their mother and to only answer the questions yes or no.

Derek Reid never told me that is where he went or that was how they manipulated the children.

Blake still tried to make clarifying statements, and Steinmetz objected on three occasions asking Judge Sypolt to shut him down, no narrative answers or he would be removed. This was Exculpatory and an Alibi. The state would have nothing to do with it and Reid would not object.

They justify this action by stacking the pre-trial motions in favor of the State so that the truth never comes out. Only an embellished narrative the State lies about.

Trials are not about truth, it is all about spin. As told to me by counsel.

4 Was Chanin’s car in her garage at 10:30a on 12/1 or was her car not at her home during this time? (pervert who knocked on her door for sex said her car wasn’t there)

One could only assume. No way of knowing either way with 100% certainty.

Request for Borescope

No windows permitting a view into the garage. Late evening of December 2, 2011 during a conversation with Deputy Sheriff Dan Dutton, I asked if they could request a borescope from special teams, wedge the garage door, and look for her vehicle.

If it was in the garage then they should enter the home. If it was not, then we should maybe wait or check at the airport parking as she may be returning late from an out-of-state date. I was told no. No need to go to that extreme knowing her history.

Crime scene investigation

Detectives did not process her car for prints or swab for DNA to investigate whether someone else had driven her car or returned her vehicle to her residence even though the state’s theory was that she was moved. Not knowing if she was killed at that house or not. They did not care.

Furthermore, the CSI tech did not take video of the garage and limited pictures because of an apparent battery life issue. No one thought that this case was important enough to stop what they were doing until proper equipment in good working order was made available.

Good Detective work.

(concerning pervert Kenlein that said her car was not home)

Kenlein also stated he knew she was home because the heat pump was running on the side of the house.

Well, Heat Pumps heat a home based off of the process variable delta to the setpoint. If your setpoint is 68, process is 67 or falls to 66, then the heat pump starts. It is not based on whether a person is in the home or not.

Kenlein also stated that he only went to the side of the house. Then he stated he looked into the bedroom window. Hmm, the bedroom window is at the back of the house. So which was it.

Why did Kenlein purchase 2 large bottles of Drain Pro Gel right before midnight on December 1st?

Why couldn’t John Wilson, I mean Kenlein’s wife vouch for his whereabouts between 2100 on Dec. 1st to 0700 Dec. 2nd?

Because they slept in separate bedrooms so he could sneak out for trysts.

Let’s not forget Chanin never knew John Kenlein’s real name, but had relations with him at least 6 times. Justwondering006. Wonder no more.

5 Why haven’t the family members of Clay started a Go Fund Me Page and hired a private investigator and/or to have all of the evidence that remains untested, finally tested?

To date, we have commissioned three private investigators. We started out hopeful, quickly became very satisfied with the results. The most difficult part of this entire process, was / is finding Attorneys / Investigators that are truthful and not simply promoting themselves until the check clears.

Investigating Investigators

You cannot simply scrape the surface, one has to dig a little. Unfortunately, we have also used some attorneys that were recommended by people we trusted and that too went south.

People lie. Attorneys lie. Police officers lie. Witnesses lie, Expert witnesses lie, and not all Judges are interested in getting to the truth but rather making the public feel comfortable for that next election.

Hidden Agendas

They all would rather promote, negotiate and permit a corrupt framework to get a trial result that aligns with their view of what society would like to see to feel safe. Regardless whether the trial was based on facts or fiction.

In my case, it was more fiction than fact and we are looking forward to getting this information out.

Additional Issues

A short list of issues needing resolution remains. These are in the queue for February 2019. Yes, additional funds are always an issue during these processes and we are evaluating a path forward.

Concerning DNA testing.

Post Conviction DNA testing must follow the requirements of Revised Code of Washington 10.73.170.

The system has the procedures wrapped up so that individuals have an uphill fight the entire process of filing motions and being permitted to do so even when the prongs (requirements) are met.

Let me provide an example:

By December 14, 2011, Detective Ricketts had a sealed search warrant with me as a suspect because of the false statements from Chanin’s family and local Deer Park LDS friends of hers that were told of false wrongdoings.

Detective Ricketts, in his infinite wisdom and mendacious ways, knew he was going to pin this on me, he was just developing the how.

One way was to interfere and manipulate the evidence. A letter to Kristi Barr of the Washington State Patrol Crime Lab was generated by Detective Mike Ricketts on December 14, 2011.

“Kristi Barr, This is a letter of consumption regarding Washington State Patrol Lab case #211-001322. I’ve discussed this case with Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Larry Steinmetz. We give you permission to consume the entire DNA on items 007, 036, 037, 038, 039, 040, 041, 044, 045, 053, 054, and 061 for DNA analysis. I understand there will be no DNA sample left on the above mentioned items once you complete the analysis.
Sincerely, M. Ricketts

Calculated Action

This calculated action by Ricketts, was outside of the WSP crime labs Standard Operating Procedures.

Their procedures state when the sample is going to be fully consumed, their own form number 3000-210-018 (R 7/15) is to be completed and processed.

Furthermore, Deputy Prosecutor Steinmetz and Detective Ricketts do not have unilateral authority to make this decision authorizing the consumption. It needs to go in front of a judge and be argued.

DNA Expert?

Of course, that judge is an academic without any advanced understanding of DNA Testing policies, procedures, different testing methods. By Ricketts doing this, he eliminated any due process by a defendant whom would like to defend himself.

It permitted him to misrepresent the samples to give society a warm fuzzy feeling.

My DNA was NOT under Chanin’s fingernails. Otherwise there would have been skin cells and it would be tested / compared against the CODIS DATABASE. There were no skin cells.

Additional Testing

Ricketts inflamed Chanin’s mother and family making them think it had to be me because they wanted it to be. It was not.

Ricketts / Steinmetz / Sypolt / Reid then permitted trial to occur while preventing other suspect evidence.

No additional testing of forensics.

I found out at trial that Derek Reid did not file any motions to exclude DNA, to finance / consult a DNA expert or plan to have an expert at trial.

Although, trial was postponed with the reasoning that defense would need to consult / hire a consultant. No attempts were made to follow through. Y-STR DNA testing needs a suspect to compare against and does not correlate with the CODIS database.

Chanin’s November
  • 11 Singles sites: including sugardaddies, whatsyourprice, wealthymen. And 13 if you count Backpage and Craigslist.
  • 19+ men in the month of November
  • Maintained 6 separate email addresses
Exculpatory Evidence

This exculpatory evidence was available to be known by Detectives, State Prosecutors office and the Defense. Both sides are required to provide opposing party with exculpatory evidence, but they all found it was less work to not investigate, have off the record conversations with the judge and negotiate out of trial Other Suspects when that is the crucial point of the case.

With 19+ guys off of the table, They threw the trial a bone with Kenlein and Walker, but left Walker’s explicit detailed text messaging out of the trial and didn’t care that Kenlein’s alibi coffee receipt was not representative of the drink he ordered. Great police work Ricketts.

Excluded Evidence

Furthermore, with motions keeping Chanin’s personal life out of the trial. Dresback could then call Ms. Starbuck’s ‘sex date’ style, a simple minded normal proclivity about 6 times while lying on the stand. Like it’s some badge of honor. What an idiot and a liar.

6 Did Clay have ANY marks or scratches on him post 12/1 or not? (Conflicting reports on this)

Clay had a small obvious hangnail on one finger, small zit on his forehead and a 1/4" long scrape/cut on the finger print pad area of his right thumb from pushing on a kitchen knife cutting partially thawed ribs to share with Chanin and the kids.

At trial, Detective Ricketts stated that the zit on my forehead was a defensive wound. The picture was on a small screen 20 – 30' from the jury box, so they probably just found it easier to believe the lies Ricketts was saying.


During 3 hours of interviews on December 5th, I wore a short sleeved shirt and sat < 3' from Detective Ricketts and 4' from Tim Hines, they stared at me for 3 hours. They had no concerns.

I offered to remove my shirt and they told me there was no need to do that. They did ask Blake and Austin to remove their shirts for pictures.

Also during the brief meeting with Dresback / Knight on Dec. 3rd neither of those two thought it was necessary to look any further for any type of marks/wounds. I was also wearing a short sleeved shirt for that conversation.

John Kenlein on the other hand, Did not make himself available to sheriff’s until around Dec. 17 and that was with an attorney. That is plenty of time to heal from scratches or other marks / bruises.

7 Where is the security video that Chanin had installed? Never found? No Cloud storage?

Chanin never had a security system or camera installed for security measures.

Chanin’s Camera

What she did do, was buy a single camera from Costco that could stand alone save to SD Card, or USB to PC’s for video conferencing of sorts.

She told Doug Carter she was concerned about me coming over to the house so that he would assist her with its setup. That setup occurred at Carter’s home. Chanin could not admit to her LDS friends that she was entertaining all hours of the day and night, so she had to use me.

This put the idea into the Carter’s head that I was the problem. Not random, unknown men.

Brief Camera Use

Chanin did put the camera around the house a few days to ruse the children to thinking it was for security. However, she used it to make personalized adult videos for various instant messaging sites.

Chanin Returned Camera

The last week of July 2011, Chanin purchased a Macbook Pro, various software and support options. It also came with an onboard camera so she returned the purchased Costco camera for a full refund as indicated by the receipt. Marshall told the detectives that Chanin returned it.

It’s in the transcripts. At the time, he thought it was rented. He was also 10, and may not have known you could return items weeks or months later.

Fake News

Five days after Chanin’s death was discovered, there was a News Report to the affect …Chanin had a camera, did it catch the killer?…

My daughter read that, called me into the bedroom and said to look at this, They are so dumb, Mom returned that camera weeks ago.

Cloud Storage

After my arrest, She was talked to and it was twisted around that she told me of the camera 5 days before the death.

The camera had already been returned for many weeks. Carter’s did not know that, but they acted like they did.

Just trying to help or ruin a family’s lives. I say by their dishonesty, the latter.

Doug even drew detectives a picture. Busy people talking out of turn. Never any Cloud storage!

8 Did Clay know Chanin had security video installed? I thought Chanin installed the system to catch him (Clay) in her house? Wasn’t it hidden? Wouldn’t that conclude that whoever ripped it out knew it’s whereabouts/existence?

Great questions/comments. I believe this was answered in the response to 7. However, I will add that we all knew Chanin had access to cameras in her home. Different cameras. Never a system, never a security system.

I had a personal camera that I used on my helmet when flying that she kept. We had digital cameras that could take stills or video and a digital video camera. These cameras did not operate in the realm Chanin was being requested to provide clips in. She needed connectability to the internet via USB or Bluetooth.

Compromising Videos

In June 2011, I was in Alaska seeing a then girlfriend. My children sent me a text stating they found video’s of their mother in compromising positions and that she had sent them to several different men.

So, yes, myself and my children all knew she had that capability. In addition, August of 2011 my son and I were taking a lap, he said he needed his gun scabbard from mom’s house. He texted Marshall and asked him to bring it outside since he didn’t want to go to the door.

Marshall brought out the empty rifle case, smiling he says, I was busted. Mom saw me leaving with the gun case and asked me about it. She let Marshall bring it to the car, but did not come out to talk with anyone.

Large amount of men

You have no idea. We do. The Detectives during their, no rock left unturned investigation, failed to lift up the mattress and discover the log book.

Refuse a key to Children

Yes, this is true and she told her LDS peeps it was so I couldn’t get the key. But factually, the issue was when I would bring children home without calling ahead, the children could see which way their mom and a guy came from inside the house.

If they had a key, they would be physically inside the home catching them in the act. After one incident, Chanin put paper up on the front door so which ever child was knocking to get in could not see in at the same time. This occurred at least 5 times during the day after school.

Mom and Friends

One child used to scatter clothes and items around their room so they could tell when their mom used their room. Another had sent me texts stating they could hear their mom with their boy toy in the next room. I am thankful I backed up my text messages.

Communications (text, chat, video, email, phone)

So I hope M. Broadhurst, J. Kenlein, T. Conner, T. Walker, P. Wallace, D. Williams, T. Collier, S. Newton, S. Yusko, R. Bolen, B. Marino, H. Brown, Mark in Chicago, G. Lewis, H. Brown, M. Sorrillo, S. Strawn, Slappy Matt, S. Wright and so many others felt special.

One of the aforementioned was trying to ask her to marry him, but never met outside of video I / M. He did not know that PW had her scheduled for a week vacation to Montana over Christmas. Neither knew one of the above served in Clinton’s cabinet. Oh how plans change.


It must be in Mormon doctrine that if you are a single female, you should be tested every 90 days. B/C that is about what her testing schedule was.

I find that unusual for a Mormon attending church every Sunday that is known to her friends as “not doing any dating” “only gone to one singles get together” “Doesn’t have time to date” “she only has time for her children”


Okay it may not be in doctrine, but how would she have that conversation with her home teachers, Carter’s, Atridge’s, or Christie Levi. These people claim to be best of friends with Chanin. Went to high school with her, knew Chanin and I for 24 years, but failed miserably at reading any indicators.

Bishop Wiltse was somewhat aware because he changed her calling from Sunday school teacher to the Nursery. That position is generally for mothers that have nursery aged children, singles or people that need some time to get their act together.


Chanin would purposefully arrive at church late so that she was not put in a position of rejecting or partaking of the sacrament. But she would blame the children for late arrivals taking the pressure off of her.

Clay’s telling everyone… — Great analogy.

So let’s see whom I talked with.

Deputy Sheriff Dan Dutton

Dan lives on Reiper Street. You could take 3 steps out of Chanin’s front door and see Dutton’s front door.

Yes, I talked with Dan 3 or 4 times throughout the previous year.

I told him in September 2010 that Blake and I were going to Alaska for the school year. And when he is working nights if Chanin’s vehicle was not in the driveway, the children are home alone and they are too young and did not know.

He said he would help keep an eye on her and I believed him. It was common for neighbor kids to tell our children on the bus that their mom was picked up at 11 PM and dropped back off at 4 AM. They had no idea.

The Sheriffs were called 3 times and Chanin lied her way out of it.

Steven Bates, DDS

At trial, prosecution made it sound like I walked into a random dental office and started talking about my ex-wife.

FALSE: Steven Bates was a counselor in the DP Ward Bishopric and I was talking with him about getting Chanin some help.

He lied on the stand stating I talked with him in April of 2011 and told him I tapped Chanin’s phone.

As testified to at trial by Schlosser, Chanin’s phone is not one that would be possible to tap.

Furthermore, it was Chanin that told him about tapping when Bates and his wife became her home teachers visiting once a month to keep an eye on her.

It was part of Chanin’s stories to get sympathy. S. Bates talks about this in his own document provided post trial. I would like to thank you for that, it proves you misrepresented what you knew and the circumstances surrounding the issues.


We were getting our eyes checked. I mentioned going through a divorce. He stated he was too and that his wife was experimenting with online dating.

I said mine too, for many years. Then he feels compelled to call the Sheriff’s office after Chanin’s death telling them nothing of value, but getting his 15 minutes.

Ms. Peterson, School teacher

After participating in a parent teacher conference that Chanin arrived late, with no make-up, you figure it out.

Ms. Peterson asked that our child put forth a little more effort, to push himself. After the conference ended, I stayed back to request that she back off on pushing our child.

He was already at the top of his class. He was going through difficulties at home and he is doing fine.

I then discussed with her, her evaluation as to the quality of counselors at the school.

Concerns About Chanin

We talked a bit about our concerns about Chanin. I did tell her that even her mother was worried about her.

Chanin told me that her mother Melanie, while visiting over 2010 Christmas, told Chanin to meet her dates in a well lit area so we don’t find you in a ditch with your throat slit.

Chanin shared that with me when I told her to be careful and she told me I sound like her mom. So, yes, I repeated that to Ms. Peterson, I also shared a text from one of my children stating what they found on mom’s computer. Listening to her on the stand at trial showed she did not take notes, and she did not recall the conversation accurately.

Answer for Chris

I saw that case in German TV called TLC Crime. Sometimes I google cases, because I dont believe all and now I come to this site. There was not much evidence about Clay. But what would be interested to me is, did the police checked his car about that issue this morning? Maybe I overread that. Was the car broken or not?

No, Spokane County Sheriff’s Office (SCSO) Sheriff’s / Detectives were not interested in Blake’s car or any issues it may or may not have had.

Car Identification

They wrongfully identified the car as a dark brown 4-door sedan when it is clearly a light brown 2-door. Not once did they ask to see it, search it, start it or discuss its operation.

Even on February 6, 2012 when I was arrested. They did not conduct a felony arrest procedure and they never searched Blake’s car that I was driving.

They never asked me about my phone battery charging, nor did they inquire or understand that a 1988 Toyota Tercel must have its key switch in the ACC position for the cigarette lighter to be functional providing power.

Tires and Shoes

Furthermore, while Detectives were at Chanin’s, they posed for news organizations acting like they were completing an electrostatic tire tread survey and foot print analysis around the driveway and front porch area.

Again, Detectives did not ever ask me what I was wearing for shoes / clothes, other than if I wore a hat, which sometimes I did.

They never looked at or took any pictures or tire impressions from Blake’s car, my Suburban or Austin’s cars.

They referred to my GMC Suburban as a Tahoe. Even when looking directly at the GMC Emblem.

Negligent Detectives

The purpose for this negligent detective work is so they can maliciously fabricate evidence to suit the situation for whom they will frame for crimes.

Interviews by Detective Dresback

It’s the same reason / purpose that Detective Dresback in all his buffoonery, can get away with going to the Deer Park Police Substation for the sole purpose of conducting interviews. But he leaves his recording device in his patrol car 18 feet away and finds it to be an inconvenience to step out and get it.

During trial, Dresback stated that the way the interview was developing, he did not want to leave to get it.

This is a lie to the judge and the court. Dresback is barely smart enough to find his way home after work, yet his years of malfeasance, manipulating reports and evidence is second only to that of Detective Ricketts.

Both detectives know that their success relies on the absence of audio / video recording of crime scenes / interviews and potential evidence. They want no records of possible exculpatory evidence.

They assume they can lie to a jury and they will be believed over any defendant because of a simple badge.

Open Invitation

Most people do not know that I gave the Detectives an open invitation to come over to our house, anytime and as many times as they need, they elected not to. They gathered hairs, fibers, animal hair, fabric, other forensic samples from Chanin, the bed, and items surrounding her.

Forensic Samples

They did not once ask or concern themselves with forensic samples from our home.

Never gathering any hair samples, carpet fibers, clothing, etc.

Detectives entered my home for the first time 2 months after Chanin’s death. Detective Drapeau staged Chanin’s death certificate in my closet (his words).

Jewelry Boxes

Detectives removed firearms from that closet so it would seem that I had no reason to lock the door. Then they took pictures.

Those pictures, and this is important, show Chanin’s jewelry boxes on Sutton and Loghan’s dressers.

Those are the same jewelry boxes in crime scene photos taken at Chanin’s home December 3/ 4 / 5th.

Austin, who lived at the 2nd Street house was the next of kin and responsible for clearing Chanin’s Reiper Street house. Of course Chanin’s items would then have to be at our house 2 months after her death.

I was the one that removed Chanin’s school ID from the jewelry box before those were given to Loghan and Sutton for 2011 Christmas. Items in crime scene photos from December 3 / 4 / 5, 2011 at Chanin’s are also seen in photos of our home on February 6, 2012.


The jury was never told this. Derek Reid, Public Defender is equally at fault for not making this clear at trial during rebuttals I was promised. Just never followed through with.

Other Items

Items include: beds, multiple dressers, jewelry boxes, clothes, t.v., washing machine, items in the master bath for Loghan and Sutton to use was also from Chanin’s.

Austin had Chanin’s car. The three younger Starbuck’s wanted to keep it because it was their mothers. It was registered in Austin’s name.

Why didn’t detectives log those items?

Because it made sense and they would not have been able to fabricate the evidence.

During execution of the February 6, 2012 search warrant of our home, they did not open or look in a shed in the back yard.

No one went into the garage to search or take photo’s. No one went into the laundry room to photo log the search. They did not search any of the vehicles. My 40' enclosed / locked trailer or our storage unit.

Again, Ricketts wanted no chance of any exculpatory evidence being stumbled across and by God he was going to ensure they screwed up the entire investigation. This is also what Spokane County Sheriff’s Detective’s affectionately refer to as “No Stone Left Unturned.”

Living Room

In the living room of our home there was a dresser off to the side being moved in from Chanin’s. On that dresser was my keychain.

Not one Detective asked to whom did those belong to. They did not care to see if any of the keys fit Chanin’s locks or vehicle’s.

Heck, they threw their evidence gloves on the floor in the corner of whichever room they were in.

This is the same carelessness as the CSI Tech or Detective that placed her / his phone next to Chanin as they took pictures of her. How much DNA was contaminated in this process?

Thanks for the questions and please ask whatever comes to mind.

Comments by Clay Starbuck

State’s Errant Motivations to Prosecute

Beginning with dishonest unchecked detectives relying on societies belief they’re all honest people and the freedom of being a lawyer, to change narratives and create inferences unsupported by facts to manipulate the prosecution of innocent people.

Cherry pick evidence and provide false statements to News outlets to control public opinion and surreptitiously taint potential jury pools.

Postpone trials while muddling facts and continuity making it easier to control the outcomes by illegal ex parte communications between attorneys and judges. Negotiating peoples lives away.

First Day of Trial

Let’s recall how the first day of trial started. The State Prosecutor Steinmetz, assisted by Detective Ricketts exercising his quality investigative prowess, told the jury that I was seen driving by Chanin’s home at 0745a the morning of December 1st.

As shown by video of a dark brown 4-door sedan from the same house they told people I would have had to walk past.

Wrong Car

However, Blake’s car was a light brown 2-door.

I asked for an objection and was told NO by counsel and to stop talking directly to him. To write it down and he would read it on breaks.

This alone should have warranted an objection followed by a motion to dismiss based on the State’s willingness to mislead and lie to the jury from the very start.

Two weeks later and after a 9 day recess of trial, a subtle comment from Blake was made that his car was a 2-door. This should have been told to the jury as a direct statement rather than expecting the Jurist’s that were awake to tell the one’s that were asleep.

Thank you for the questions. Please feel free to ask more. Possibly about…

  • Errors in Investigation
  • Defense
  • Prosecution/Detectives
  • Errors in DNA
  • Detectives bloopers and other lies (perjury)
  • CSI Techs Perjured testimony.
  • Autopsy / False coerced testimony of Dr. Aikens.
  • Tammy Turner, Lana McKay Beck, Steven Bates, Carter’s and Christie Levy’s perjured testimonies.
Clay Starbuck

21 thoughts on “Clay Starbuck Did Not Murder Chanin

  1. Clay was found guilty WITH a reasonable doubt ! There is no doubt about Clay being innocent and had a very unfair trial. I have know Clay, his sister and parents since they lived in Coquille when hi father was in law enforcement. Clay has always been easy going and in no way is he guilty of abuse and never murder. His sister and I are very close so feel I know this family. Clay divorced and married her twice so wasn’t divorce the route he would have gone. Clay love his children with his whole heart and worked in Alaska in order to pay his support or did anyone look at the court support records? Of course not, they had no one else without doing their job and investigating.

    He will never make up for the 5 years he has lost with his children but he definitely should be free to be the father he really is.

  2. Hello Mitchell,
    We read your write-up and want to know if we can provide a few corrections?

  3. There is so much that this article has left out. My daughter and I spoke every day sometimes more than twice a day. She had told me the evil things that clay was doing not only sleeping around during their marriage but mean things to the children. One thing this article does not include is that my daughter never slept around during the marriage. What broke their marriage up twice and the final time was that clay was sleeping around. Sleeping with anyone with a skirt. Please don’t forget there’s always two sides to a story. Clay Duane Starbuck is where he needs to be. He is where he needs to be to protect the public from him.

    1. Do you think because he was an adultery he is a murderer. I knew clay back in Valdez. I did know he was a womanizer but I was shocked to here the murder trial news. It’s just awful.

    2. With all due respect, you have made these claims a lot, including in the pre-trial investigation, however, you have never once shared an example nor proved anything you claim and considering Chanin’s escapades, Clay cheating hardly qualifies as to the extreme accusations you elude to. Chanin called you twice a day…ya so? How mean could Clay have been considering the kids chose him over her even when she was alive and he’s the one who crawled out of bed every morning to take his kids to school!!

    3. It has never been proven that Clay slept around during the marriage, but there is little doubt that Chanin had been with many men afterwards and according to her children, even during the marriage.

      Unknown Male DNA on your daughters phone and neck was proven by the Prosecution’s DNA expert at trial. I am unsure about the Unknown DNA found vaginally. But that alone, PROVED to me and so many others who watched, that another male was with Chanin around the time of her death. That alone should have led any responsible, intelligent and or knowledgeable Juror, to have found Clay Starbuck not guilty due to Reasonable Doubt.

      As a mother, I would want to know who belonged to that Unknown DNA. It is sad that the so called investigators did not even look into All of the men Chanin was “with” in the weeks and months, before her murder, according her laptop and dating websites. The laptop information was not admitted during trial, but if the men on it had been ruled out, it would not have been an issue. But the investigators had only 1 man on the radar. Doesn’t it concern you that there is the possibility of an unknown man out there, who may have killed your daughter. No, because you will not even consider the unknown DNA on your daughter. Even Chanin’s own children say she was with several men and led a double, even triple life.

      It is sad that you lost your daughter and may have lost your grandchildren, because of the blinders on the investigators, not to mention you and your family. RIP Chanin.

  4. I worked with and new clay for many years in Alaska. After I left AK we stayed in contact as we became close friends. I never saw or heard of clay doing anything outside of his marriage. He is one of those people that would do anything for a friend. I trust him and wholeheartedly believe in his innocence.

  5. I really enjoyed the article and after watching NBC’s Dateline program this morning, I am absolutely convinced that the guilty verdict is a grave miscarriage of justice. Chanin was es a promiscuous woman whom I would classify as a prostitute. Her lifestyle was abhorrent and she was neglecting her 3 youngest children.
    Most compelling In terms of exculpatory evidence was the absence of a legally admissible DNA match. Also, the presence of additional male DNA is more than sufficient to provide reasonable doubt.
    This conviction is tragic in my opinion. The man is not guilty. Hopefully he will be exonerated as he pursues additional appeals.

    1. That’s a pretty harsh statement to make about a woman who was brutally murdered. Makes me wonder what kind of person you are & what you’re capable of.

  6. 1. Did Clay loan Chanin a hand gun just a few weeks prior to the murder? If yes, why?
    2. IF Clay was working on his car, it’s impossible that there is not one single witness to account for it on 12/1. So what gives?
    3. Why would Clay, a dad with a slew of kids and a broken down car, shut his phone off from 8:30a-4p-ish on the 12/1 in question?
    4. Was Chanin’s car in her garage at 10:30a on 12/1 or was her car not at her home during this time? (pervert who knocked on her door for sex said her car wasn’t there)
    5. Why haven’t the family members of Clay started a Go Fund Me Page and hired a private investigator and/or to have all of the evidence that remains untested, finally tested?
    6. Did Clay have ANY marks or scratches on him post 12/1 or not? (Conflicting reports on this)
    7. Where is the security video that Chanin had installed? Never found? No Cloud storage?
    8. Did Clay know Chanin had security video installed? I thought Chanin installed the system to catch him (Clay) in her house? Wasn’t it hidden? Wouldn’t that conclude that whoever ripped it out knew it’s whereabouts/existence?
    Beats me if Clay is guilty or not, but I read enough about this case to know the prosecution has improperly embellished, meritless lies against Clay. Also, I know that a “good mother” doesn’t “newly find herself” by making a hobby out of sleeping with massive amounts of strange men nor does she refuse her children a key to get into their own home for any reason. Chanin should have feared STDs nearly as much as she claimed to be afraid of Clay.
    Lastly, the court of appeals stated, that obnoxious amounts of strange men, inserting themselves into every crevice of Chanins body is not evidence enough to meet third party rules as a matter of Clay’s defense…that being said, there is no correlation between Clay telling anyone who would listen about his ex wife’s whore activities and the fact that she died like one, but they used that to the hills during trial to convict him.
    For the simple minded, it’s comparable to telling everyone about a drug addict that is going to eventually die of an overdose and then that person eventually dies of an overdose. That doesn’t mean the person who wouldn’t stfu about it killed the addict. It means that someone is/was very worried and wished the dangerous activity would cease as to avoid the obvious, looming outcome.

    1. I asked Clay to respond to your questions, Angie.
      Mitchell was kind enough to incorporate Clay’s responses above.
      Thank you.
      Kathy Starbuck Nasholm

  7. I believe he is innocent. I was once married to a woman like that. As I watched dateline about this story, I was reminded of the hell that I myself was put through by my exwife. Every time she involved the police, I was looked at by the police, judge, and court system, like I was a worthless piece of crap. Innocent until proven guilty, does not exist. You are automatically guilty, and you better be able to prove yourself innocent. My exwifes friends and family said all the same garbage about me, that Chanins friends and family said about Clay. I am thankful that my ex and I live several states apart. My kids are all grown. ( I raised them by my self, with no help or support from her). I hope and pray that Clay gets his new trial, and is properly released. He and his children deserve his freedom.

  8. I really feel for this guy. I spent a long time in prison and have had many cellmate. Most were murders. I say that because I’ve always found the act of murder takes a different type of person. So I asked a great deal of questions. Basically I was studying to learn what type of person does this. After 11 years with these people I’ve become a great profiler, I can pick out a killer or rapist with in the first 30 minutes of talking to them. This guy (clay) is not a killer. He was give this by his ex-wife and her alter-ego. It’s a deflection. Have You ever considered a polygraph test? I bet I could get him back in court. I believe his constitutional rights have been violated. The DNA issue should of been challenged on the fact none was available to have an independent analysis done. Plus, the attorney at trial should have just said something in front of the jury about all the sexual escapades. Take the “objection” and Stern warning from the judge. Keeping in mind, you can’t unring a bell.

  9. Hello,
    I saw that case in German TV called TLC Crime. Sometimes I google cases, because I dont believe all and now I come to this site. There was not much evidence about Clay. But what would be interested to me is, did the police checked his car about that issue this morning? Maybe I overread that. Was the car broken or not?

  10. Clay Is Innocent Beyond Belief! I Can’t Wait For Justice ! The Kids Need Their Dad ! Not Fair To Lose Both Parents ! Stay Strong Clay!

  11. I have never wavered since this horrible murder in my mind and in my heart from day one, and Clay will have been in prison 7 long years in February that he is innocent and had a very unfair trial. Spokane is know for their dishonest tactics. Clays youngest just turned 18 and talked with his dad. This is cruel and inhuman treatment to keep children from their father. He tried numerous times to make his marriage successful because he loved Chanin and his children needed their Mother.
    Please help get this man justice. Clays family and friends have not stopped in these 7 years getting the information and proof needed to free Clay. Thank you

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