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Welcome to the Bad Marriages Network.

I started Bad Marriages after I stopped following “regular news.” I would rather read and research news about husbands and wives killing each other.

Bad Marriages Are Interesting

My nightly news became Forensic Files reruns, three years ago. Every episode is interesting. Many episodes describe the murder of a spouse. Many of those surviving spouses were murderers.

Sadly, Forensic Files stopped making new episodes 2011. However, I researched certain cases after watching the show. Several cases were updated. I also found additional information, not included in the show.

I discovered night reruns of Dateline recently. Keith Morrison’s interviews with murderers are excellent. Bad Marriages has some murders from Dateline.

Finally, I wrote a computer program to find Bad Marriages in the news. See Recent Fatal Marriages for links to news stories about (mostly American) husbands and wives killing each other.

Why Do Husbands and Wives Hate Each Other?

Marital arguments caused many of the world’s conflicts, and my three divorces.

My first wife Jayne and I attracted a crowd during an argument about my weekend schedule with our daughters. We screamed at each for about five minutes on the porch of her newly rented house, on a peaceful dead end street in Rockland County, New York. Hate consumed us and obliterated our senses. Jayne stopped when she observed her new neighbors staring at us, expecting a murder or assault.

Our marital squabbles were somewhat unique, because we did not argue about money.

For example, Clay Starbuck earned $1,000 a week, working on Alaskan oil pipelines, until he injured his back. His wife Chanin asked a judge to send Clay to jail, because he was two months late on his child support. Chanin stopped bothering Clay when she was murdered. A jury sentenced Clay to life without parole, but his children think he is innocent.

Why Do Husbands and Wives Kill Each Other?

Martin Daly and Margo Wilson studied the reasons for murder:

Men often hunt down and kill spouses who have left them; women hardly ever behave similarly. Men kill wives as part of planned murder-suicides; analogous acts by women are almost unheard of. Men kill in response to revelations of wifely infidelity; women almost never respond similarly, although their mates are more often adulterous.

Men often kill wives after subjecting them to lengthy periods of coercive abuse and assaults; the roles in such cases are seldom if ever reversed.s

Men perpetrate familicidal massacres, killing spouse and children together; women do not.

Moreover, it seems clear that a large proportion of the spousal killings perpetrated by wives, but almost none of those perpetrated by husbands, are acts of self-defense.

Unlike men, women kill male partners after years of suffering physical violence, after they have exhausted all available sources of assistance, when they feel trapped, and because they fear for their own lives.

Honey, Don’t Murder Me

Crime in the United States is an annual publication of The Federal Bureau of Investigation with crime statistics. Full reports are available through 2015.

FBI Reports for 2015 found 12.8% of homicide victims were killed by a family member.

113 husbands (82%) and 509 wives (18%) were murdered in 2015. Nationally, 89% of murderers were men.

Additionally, FBI reported that murders rose 8.6% from 2015 to 2016.

American Wives Enjoy Murdering Husbands

Martin Daly and his late wife Margo Wilson analyzed the sex ratio of killing (SROK) in Who kills whom in spouse killings? On the exceptional sex ratio of spousal homicides in the United States.

Daly and Wilson studied husband and wife murders from 1976 to 1985. They found:

A hitherto unremarked peculiarity of homicide in the United States is that the number of women who kill their husbands relative to the number of men who kill their wives (the spousal SROK) is exceptionally high.

It’s Not the Guns

Guns are equalizers. However, petite wives do not need guns to murder giant husbands. Wilson and Daly found:

Rather than guns equalizing, it appears that gun use is still predominantly the province of men and that women’s lethality relative to that of men is actually greater when cases involving guns are excluded…

Life Insurance

Life insurance attracts murderers. Angelina Rodriguez got away with murdering her husband Frank. Unfortunately, Frank’s insurance company would not release Angelina’s death benefit, because Frank’s cause of death was “undetermined.”

Angelina said an anonymous caller told her Frank died from antifreeze poisoning. Sadly, Angelina is on death row, because the call did not appear on her cell phone records.

Judy Buenoano collected over $260,000 of insurance benefits from the deaths of a husband, boyfriend and son. Unfortunately, Judy could not stop. She faked a pregnancy and blew up the fake Dad’s car. Fake Dad survived to learn that his girlfriend could not get pregnant. A jury sentenced Judy to death.

Adultery, Murder, Guilt

You need a divorce if you are cheating on your spouse. It is not rocket science.

Scott Peterson met a new lover when his wife Laci was seven months pregnant. That is despicable, but it does not make him a murderer.

Scott Peterson needed better lawyers. Three witnesses saw his wife, but they did not testify. Scott Peterson and others might be innocent.

What’s on Bad Marriages Network?

Homicide, Femicide, Mariticide, Uxoricide

Mariticide is the killing of a husband. Uxoricide is the murder of a wife.

“Homicide” is any deliberate killing of a person. Some people use “homicide” and “femicide” to describe murders by sex.

A murdered woman—unlike a murdered man, is as likely as not to have been slain by her spouse. —  Wilson MI, Daly M & Scheib J

I find interesting spousal murders and try to explain them. Convicted murderers might be innocent..

Judges exclude evidence for reasons beyond my comprehension. Additionally, police lose evidence. Defendants request appeals for inadequate legal representation.

I hope you enjoy visiting Bad Marriages Network. Please send me your suggestions.

Murder rates are rising! Get protection, if you have doubts about your family. Please be nice to your spouse :) — Mitchell Miller

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