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Judy Buenoano reviewing trial notes, preparing comments. Source: Death Row Stories

The World-Wide Web allows us to share articles and comments with a global audience. Comments are a valuable addition to web articles, providing readers with the opportunity to express their opinions and ask questions. Moreover, anyone can engage with and respond to a comment. We welcome comments and responses and kindly request that you review this common-sense comments policy before leaving your comment.

Bad Marriages explores sensitive topics, and we ask that you respect the subject(s) of the article when leaving a comment.

What Constitutes a Great Comment?

You can ask or answer questions or share your thoughts about the article.

What's Considered Relevant?

For instance, please refrain from asking questions about web hosting or software. If you have other inquiries, feel free to contact us directly.

Our Comment Review Process

We don't edit your comment, but we do review them. Our review process is essential for filtering out inappropriate or offensive comments. Please note that our review is subjective, and the decision is final. We cannot reinstate a rejected comment.

Simple Comment Guidelines

  1. Use your real name. "Anonymous" is not a valid name, and names that contain search terms will also be rejected. We don't accept names like "Web Developer" or "Make Money Now."

  2. Refrain from including advertising links. Comments containing more than one link, regardless of the destination, will be rejected.

  3. Avoid using profanity, whether in full words, abbreviations, or disguised with asterisks.

  4. Incoherent or rambling comments will not be published.

  5. Do not discuss unverified or unknown crimes unless you include a link to a reputable source. We cannot publish unverified statements that reference other crimes.

  6. The maximum comment length is 8000 characters.

  7. Limit your submissions to a maximum of two comments at once. If you have more than one unapproved comment, kindly wait for approval before submitting additional comments.

Reporting Typos and Errors

While we do not publish error or typo reports to avoid distracting readers, we appreciate your help in improving our content. Please contact us instead of leaving a comment. If you report a factual error, we will credit you in the article.

Handling Comments

I have a keen interest in computer programming and have developed a program to reject comments. If your comment was rejected, you'll see the message "Could not save your comment," but rest assured, I never see rejected comments. While my program strives for accuracy, it's not flawless.

Please accept my apologies if my program erroneously rejected your legitimate comment.

I encourage you to share your rejected comments with me to help improve this website.

Ownership of Approved Comments

Approved comments become the property of this website, and we may republish them or include them in articles, books, or interviews. If you have any questions about this comments policy, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Our Standards

Finally, Bad Marriages upholds high standards. We present opinions supported by facts and welcome your opinions and questions. However, please ensure that your comments remain on topic. We reserve the right to delete comments submitted to the blog without prior notice.

Please note that this policy is subject to change at any time.

Thank you for taking the time to review our comments policy.