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The World-Wide Web lets us share articles and comments with an international audience.

Comments enhance Web articles, because they let readers to express opinions. Additionally, anyone can respond to any comment.

We encourage comments and replies. Please read this common sense comments policy, before you leave a comment.

Bad Marriages explores sensitive topics. Please respect the subject(s) of the article, when you leave a comment.

The Best Comment

The best comment is pertinent. Add a comment to ask or answer a question. Or express your opinion about the article.

What is Pertinent?

For example, do not ask me about Web hosting or software in a comment.

You can send me a note with a question that is not a comment.

What is Review?

I will not edit your comment. But I will review it.

My “review” filters comments. Please do not send me a nasty comment. I reject too many nasty comments.

My review is subjective and final. I cannot restore a rejected comment.

Simple Rules

I always reject a comment with a link to advertising.

Please do not curse, with words, abbbreviations or asterisks.

I will not publish an incoherent comment.

Please do not mention other unknown crimes in your comment, unless you include a link to a reputable source.

I cannot publish an unverified comment, that discusses other crimes.

Typos / Errors

Also – I cannot publish a comment with an error / typo report, because it will distract readers. However, I will correct a typo immediately.

Please send me a note, instead of a comment. If you report a factual error, I will credit you in the article.

Your Comments

Approved comments are the property of this Web site. I might republish a comment or include it in an article or book.

Send me a note if you have any questions about this comments policy.

Our Standards

Finally, Bad Marriages has high standards.

We present opinions, backed by facts.

Your comment should follow our example.

We reserve the right to delete any comments submitted to the blog without notice.

Our comments policy is subject to change at any time.