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Mitchell D. Miller

Quotations from Bad Marriages

Detectives asked local residents if they saw a broken down car. What is that supposed to look like? — Clay Starbuck
Where’s all the biological forensic evidence in this case? Where is it? Where is it? — Cyril Wecht, Pathologist
They cannot try this case on the facts. — Joel Brodsky
It was an accident. It went off.  — Shari Tobyne
I became disappointed in my marriages and they fell apart. — Drew Peterson
…he was no help to her, so she killed the son of a bitch. — Lodell Morris
If I admit responsibility, then I’ll lose everything. I lose all hope.  — Angelina Rodriguez
I did not lie to get on this trial to fry Scott. — Richelle Nice
That right there to me should have been a big enough flag that either multiple people were involved or it was someone other than me. — Clay Starbuck
I wasn’t the last one to see Laci that day. There were so many witnesses who saw her walking in the neighborhood, after I left. — Scott Peterson
I hope someday she pops her head up and shows herself. — Drew Peterson
I don’t have remorse for a murder I didn’t do. — Angelina Rodriguez
the police have just bungled this investigation from day one. — Lee Peterson
The son of a bitch shouldn’t have come up here in the first place. He knew if he came up here he was gonna die. — Judy Buenoano
They should change the law. Give Drew Peterson the death penalty. — Donald J. Trump
If I’d wanted to kill my daughter, I could have just let her die from the bradycardia.  — Angelina Rodriguez
I have never been charged with anything, and I’ve done nothing wrong. — Drew Peterson
I did not kill my daughter. I did not kill my husband. — Angelina Rodriguez
I want to tell you everything, but I can’t. — Scott Peterson
I would like to clear the record for my grandson. I would like for him to know that his grandmother was not a murderer.  — Judy Buenoano
They harassed every family member, friend, friend of friends, neighbor, fellow employee, love interest I have ever had. No usable evidence was ever found. — Drew Peterson
The Detectives lied about this conversation. — Clay Starbuck
…the jury deciding this case did not have the whole truth – or anything close. — Lawrence Gibbs
For many years, my children and I were believing she died in a household accident. — Drew Peterson
Judy just went one murder too far.  — Pensacola Detective Ted Chamberlain
I did not kill Kathleen! — Drew Peterson
I didn’t do the crime so I would hope that people don’t give up, that they would keep looking. — Clay Starbuck
You’re saying FOX videotaped the autopsy? Somebody allowed a TV station to videotape an autopsy? — Judge Stephen White
Cherry pick evidence and provide false statements to news outlets to control public opinion and surreptitiously taint potential jury pools. — Clay Starbuck
We might never have solved the case if she wasn’t talking.  — Detective Brian Steinwand
Amber, it just hurts so bad for you to think that I could have something to do with this.  — Scott Peterson
She put that boy through a lot before she killed him. — Ted Chamberlain, Pensacola Detective
I guess I should have returned those library books. — Drew Peterson
These tapes were the sole factor, in my opinion, in putting Scott Peterson to death. — John Guinasso, Juror
My DNA was NOT under Chanin’s fingernails. — Clay Starbuck
Now that this polygraph has come out, I hope everybody sees I’m innocent of everything that I’ve been thought of doing. — Drew Peterson
This alone should have warranted an objection followed by a motion to dismiss based on the State’s willingness to mislead and lie to the jury from the very start. — Clay Starbuck
I get love letters from women — a couple a week… — Drew Peterson
In the past 20 years, I have never seen a colder heart.  — Judge William R. Pounders
Why should I not go to the police with this?  —  Amber Frey
We had bugs in our house. He put a microphone in our kitchen and taped our conversations. — Victoria Connolly
They referred to my GMC Suburban as a Tahoe. Even when looking directly at the GMC Emblem. — Clay Starbuck
What caught my eye was she was so pregnant. There’s no question it was her. — Homer Maldonado
I would have found myself guilty if I were the jury.  — Judy Buenoano
I’ve been unlucky in love. — Drew Peterson
Whatever they wanted we gave them. I still have nothing to hide. — Clay Starbuck
You’re married. How do you figure you never cheated on me?  — Amber Frey

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